'Automate your Workflows and Operations'

Use the Dynamic Scheduler to automate all your CRM needs.

Dynamic Scheduler

The management tool for process regulation and automation

The Dynamic Scheduler enables you to regulate functionality within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
Automate workflows and dedicated self-made Scheduler-Plugins.*
For example: you could run activities outside of work hours and by doing so save time and money.

Why you need the Dynamic Scheduler

Our sister company Dynamic People, like many users of Dynamics CRM, ran into the limitations of the system regarding the regulation of processes.
That’s why we’ve made a system that:

  • Functions with and without Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Online)
  • Which can execute processes by pre-defined schedules
  • Can run batch and single processes
  • Is easily expandable
  • Is integrable with Dynamics AX
  • Can use external system APIs

Within a few easy steps

When you create a Schedule you have the choice between two actions; a Workflow or a Dynamic Scheduler plugin.


The Scheduler automatically detects all workflows available with the CRM system.
Therefor you can select any workflow and schedule its execution for any moment.

Scheduler Plugins

These plugins are executed within the Dynamic Scheduler context only. This way they are not dependent on the CRM system.
You can create plugins yourself using the Dynamic Scheduler Framework. Plugins accept a self-defined amount of parameters.
Plugins are written in the C# .net language.


The Dynamic Scheduler is installed as a windows service and is compatible with:

  • Dynamics CRM 2011
  • Dynamics CRM 2013
  • Dynamics CRM 2015
  • Dynamics CRM 2016
  • Dynamics 365


All actions performed by Dynamic Scheduler are logged. This data can easilly be viewed from CRM.

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