OL™ Connect for Microsoft Dynamics® AX

'Designed to help integrators generate complex business documents for their clients.'

OL™ Connect for Microsoft Dynamics® AX

Meet the expectations

Provide your clients with flexible, personalized, multichannel and automated business communications.

A turnkey solution

Take possession of a solution that is fully integrated with AX and involves no programming or changes in existing infrastructure.

Increase profits

Earn your clients’ trust by staying within their budgets and your profit margins.

OL™ Connect for Microsoft Dynamics® AX

Specifically addresses the challenges facing an integrator.

Custom development to meet client needs is costly and time-consuming.
Integrators can’t afford to absorb those development costs.
The integrator’s teams are fully occupied and can’t take on new projects.
The client is unhappy, and the relationship with the integrator is in jeopardy.

Improve the document creation process.

With OL™ Connect for Microsoft Dynamics® AX, Objectif Lune offers you a solution that can generate transactional business communications for printing, email, the Web, archiving and mobile use.

Bridge the gap between systems.

OL™ Connect for Microsoft Dynamics® AX captures data from AX and other systems. Our processes use the captured data to generate new reports and business documents.


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